Aircraft receiver type EK3


The EK3 receiver,  the front panel.

Recently I purchased a new german receiver, the EK3. Which is pretty rare to purchase.

It is part of the aircraft installation, the FUG 10K3.

It was devoloped at the end of the war, about 1943. The matching transmitter is the S10K3.

It has a different frequency coverage. This to compare with the EK10 receiver of the FUG 10.

Frequency coverage is 6 – 18 Mhz.

It is suitable for mode A1 en A3.

It was used in conjunction with the normal used FUG 10 installation,  Also with a radiocompass Peil G6, a blind landing installation  FuBl 2 and with a seperate unit with the FUG 16. All these were mounted in the fuselage of a large aircraft, like Heinkel HE 111 or a Dornier.

The case was not there, but all was original inside, also the front was original. The case is a bit problem, because its dimensions are different from the case of a FUG 10/EK10 receiver.

Below some pictures of the receiver.


the backside.

$_85 (5)

the under view without cover plates.


A view of the other side.

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