Wireless set no 38 mk 2 * and 2.

Wireless set no 38 mark 2* and mk2.

WS 38 mk2 ster

This is the Wireless Set no 38 mk2*. It is a modificaton of the mk-2 version. A lampholder and pushbutton, to indicate output power, at the mk 2 version,  are missing and replaced by a metal cover plate. Also to be seen in front the control box for the throat microphone and headphones.

This radio , the mk2 set,  was  also used in the battle of Arnhem as a portable radio in some of the battalions.

First picture below, the WS no 38 is to be seen.

Voor hartenstein na de Slag AJ50 (2)

Arnhem garden

The 1st picture above, a destroyed Airborne jeep at Oosterbeek, Utrechtse weg. Just watch at the left under of the picture, the Wireless set no 38 on the ground! Just enlarge the picture for a better view, by clicking just at the picture. The picture below, is the same situation nowadays. The houses at the back are still there.

This picture was taken at that time at the north side in the garden in front of Hartenstein Hotel, being now the Airborne Museum. All still can be recognized nowadays. The garden, with the houses at the background, are still there, with now at the left, a memorial statue in it. In front of that garden the “Utrechtse weg”  road. Coming by car from Arnhem along the Utrechtse weg , this situation is clearly to be seen at the right in front of the museum. You can’t miss it.

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