Radione equipment.

Although these radio’s, like a R3 receiver and a RS20 transmitter,  are not  in my collection anymore, I decided to keep the whole post in my website. This because a lot of documentation and pictures is in it. Probably people can make their advantage of it.

But.….. a little time ago, I purchased a new Radione R3. This because it is just such a beautiful and handy shortwave receiver. See pictures below.



The R3 is a beautiful and well working receiver. Only the cabinet and front has been repainted.  But it is a good original color. Also the vibrator power supply is missing. But maybe it can be placed from a spare receiver in future.

This equipment was used by the Navy (Kriegs Marine), often on small ships.

Also it  was also in use by the German Abwehr and even by the Wehrmacht in bunkers.

The receiver type R 3 was used in combination with a small transmitter called RS 20, but also with the transmitter Lo40K39f. Frequency covering for the the R 3 is 2 Mc-25 Mc. The tubes inside the receiver are all different and are also  called: “Stahlhelm Rohre”. It has a build in  power supply for 110 120  or 220 volts and a vibrator supply for low voltages like 12 or 24 volts.

The transmitter RS 20 covers 3.000 Kc – 14.600 KC in 3 bands. It is for AM, CW and MCW. With this combination I made so many excellent qso’s in the 80 meterband, crystal controlled with AM.


Left the transmitter RS 20, right the receiver R 3.


The transmitter RS 20 with connected the headphones, microphone and key .The meter on the front is indicating the earial current to the antenna, by pushing the blue button it indicates the driver power to the power amplifier LS 50 just left in the compartment.


The valve compartment. One LS 50 for the PA, two LV 1 for the xtal oscillator and modulator (G-3 modulation). Right the crystal (not original). In the mid the band switch covering 3.000 Kc – 14600 Kc. Also mid above the frequency scale for the  crystal frequency tuning by the little brown knob.


The various parts at the rear inside of the transmitter. Note the extra, not being original,condensers at the left bottem to maximise the high tension voltage, but this is then the only none original component. (The big blockcondensor (2 2,5 uF) is not well anymore). Right the power supply section, left the HF section. Note the big coil being the Power amplifier coil.


Here the vibrator for 24 volts, the EZ12 rectifier, the RD150DA neon stabilisers and the PSU chokes.


Left the vibrator part and power supply transformer, after removing the front cover.

radione opstelling

Here the complete working Radione station on a frequency of 3705 Kc. Working on AM with 10 watts carrier G3 modulation or on CW with 20 watts carrier. The 3705 Kc frequency is the SRS national Dutch AM frequency in the Netherlands on 80 meter amateurband.

antenne stroom

The antenna current meter, showing the transmitter RS 20 is giving power, about 10 watts.

RadioneR3 aftemschaal

Listening at 3705 khz, the Dutch Surplus Radio Society Radio net in AM, every Sunday morning, starting at 10.00 local time


Here an original picture of a wireless operator or “Wehrmacht Funker”, working with the RS 20 and R3 in a bunker. Left a DR 78 transmitter/receiver, made by many manufactories , for example also Philips, in WW2.

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