Radio Collection Room

Pictures of the radio’s in my Collection Room.

There are two rooms there, one is the main collection room, the other room is my radio shack, in which I make contacts with these equipment in mode A1-CW, A3-AM, SSB- USB LSB  en Hell mode-CW and LSB . Also in the radio shack are modern receivers and transmitters.

The function of the equipment are described in the several posts.

To enlarge, just click on the pictures.


Picture above: my working FUG 10.

The whole installation is fully working, receivers, transmitters rotary transformers etc..

Also on the left theantenna  variometer tuning.  Can be operated from the lower remote control FBG3. so is the the antenna reel, from the remote control above the FBG3.



Picture above: left the Peil G6 radiocompass with EZ6, right the FuBl2 with EBL2 and EBL 3.


Left on the picture, the Hellschreiber, which is a loan from another radioamateur. Right the LO40K39 and KWEa, which are are also used for Hellmode (CW mode). Just at the left, the modern Kenwood trx for Hellmode with mode LSB.


Picture above: my beautiful and good working receivers, LO6K39.




From left to right: Hellschreiber, Tornistor Empfänger b, Funkhorch Empfänger d.


Picture above: ART 13 transmitter with BC 348 receiver, on the right the SCR 274 N with Command transmitters and receivers.


Picture above: My Lancaster installation, the T1154 and R1155 with all the ascessoires.


Picture above: the rotary transformers for the T1154 and R1155. Right a german  generator ERZ 400.


Picture aboth, in the mid, the complete working GEE. Left mid an H2S transmitter .




Picture aboth:

The Arnhem section: WS 19 HP, WS 22, R109, WS76, WS 38.



Picture above:

restaurated LO6K39 receiver, with new front.

This was a fully amateurized receiver. with no front, several units were missing. But now, again in working condition.


Picture above:

The paperstroke from the Hellschreiber with the received text, of a contact with other Hell amateurs on each sunday afternoon on 80 meters. Frequency is mostly about 359230 KC. Time  16.30 local time at sunday.

Amateurs like PA0AOB, DC9 FD,  PA0KDF, F5 LG.

I can work with CW Hell mode with lately a wartime transmitter S10K of the FUG 10 aircraft installation, 25 watts out and the receiver Telefunken KWEa.

Antenne the 20 meter dipole


Above the S10K. Without case, but therefore optical very beautiful to see. Watch all the beautiful mechanical parts.

mijn s10k opstell

The S1oK in a home made mounting base, on the test case.


Picture above: one of the three the RL13P3’s5 inside  the transmitter.

Posted in my collection room.

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