Transmitter/receiver TR 9-F

In working condition.


This is the pre war wellknown “SPITFIRE” sender receiver, type TR 9 F. Although the type 9 F is not used in it, but in the bigger aircrafts like Lancaster etc. for communication between the airfieldtower and the aircraft in close distance.

It is fully working in the 40 meter band with a crystal on 7078 Khz, amplitude modulated, by means of a intercommunication  amplifier, type A 1368. For using this amplifier, I had to make the connectors and the plugboard myself.

Normally a A 1134 is used. By lack of that type, to let it work, I used  the A 1368 intercommunication amplifier.

Question: can anyone tell me about the precise usage of the A 1368 in the RAF?,

Pse some info in the COMMENT at the end of the page.

Kerst 2008 069

The TR 9-F transmitter/receiver in all original condition.

Kerst 2008 068

In front the copies of the plugboard etc, for connecting the amplifier to the TR 9.

Kerst 2008 067

Transmitter part, front..

Kerst 2008 065

Inside the transmitter.

Kerst 2008 064

The power amplifier tube of the transmitter.

Kerst 2008 063

The power amplifier anode coil of the transmitter.

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