My radio collection room

This is an overvieuw of my radio collection room with pictures and some text.

Not everything in my collection is shown.

For detailed discription see the posts in my website.


Above my german FUG 10 aircraft installation in fully working condition.


Above  left the Peil G6 installation with EZ 6 receiver, U11 rotarytransatherformer, and to the right the SCR 274 N radio installation of the american Boeing B 17 bomber aircraft.

ALinks Arthur rechts eigen

Above  my Feld Hellschreiber, The hellschreiber at the left is not mine. It belongs to mr. Arthur Bauer, PA0AOB. Arthur has a great museum in Duivendrecht. It was on lonebase, till the moment I purchased one of my own. I was very grateful, to loan it. The Hell Schreiber on the right is mine now and after it was working very well again, his Hellschreiber was brought back to him.



The connection panel of the hellschreiber. The above plug is going via an audio interface to the receiver LF output. The connector below is the headphones output.

model eigen

Above the paperstroke transport and the inkroll for printing the charactors on the paperstroke.

I make Hellmode qso’s with it on 80 meters, at about 35912 Khz  almost every sunday afternoon at 15:30 hour GMT  with several national and international radioamateurs. So if you have Hell Mode, call in, I should say.


Above the received Hell text on the paperstroke.


Above to the right at the lower, the receiver for Hellmode, the german KWEa receiver, at the upper the transmitter for Hell, the german LO40K39. But also use a modern transceiver, a Kenwood TS 450 S in USB Hell Mode.

Since 0ktober 2023, I also use the geman navy transmitter and receiver, the Hagenuk HA 5 K 39 a. Seen in the post general army navy .


My most finest receivers, the german LO6K39 receivers, all in good working conditions. They are TRF receivers and were used in the german navy.


Above at the lower german Funkhorch Empfänger d. At the upper the german Tor. Fu b1 transmitter receiver.


Above the german Tornistor Empfänger b, a TRF receiver used in the Wehrmacht and also in the Luftwaffe.


Picture above the SADIR R 87 E directionfinder receiver.


Above the beautiful british Wireless set no 22. In a new picture.

I use it in CW on 80 meters. Only 1 watts output. Antenna a dipole.


Above he complete Airministry installation of the lancaster bomber, The T1154 transmitter and receiver R155, complete with J-switch rotary transformers intercommunication amplifier A 1134 and plugboard etc.

In fully working condition.


above the british directionfinder GEE, the H2S transmitters for 9 cm and 3 cm. With several belonging equipments


Above various Wireless sets, like WS 19 mk3 Highpower, the Canadian WS 19 mk3, The Wireless set no 22, and receiver R109 and Wireless set no 76.


  1. Very interesting collection.
    My father was radio operator withHQ company with John Frost at the bridge in September 1944. He was sent to look for boats to cross the river on the first night.He never returned.
    He did meet up with a Dennis Portman, who my father helped train as radio operator.
    Dennis never any good.
    I believe the claims of difficulties with equipment due to multiple recharging of batteries as many operations were cancelled after 6/6/44.
    Also being low level the likelihood of failure for signal to transmit did occur. Contact within area or to outside failed.

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