PA0PZD amateur radio station log (log since 01-10-2014)

In this site section you can see an overview of my various contacts with other radio amateurs using authentic World War 2 Radio equipment as shown on this website.

Note: almost all the radio’s are nearly 70 years old and are unmodified or got not repaired extensively. Often only the switch contacts are cleaned.

I am also working other stations with modern SSB (Single Side Band) equipment, but these are not discribed in this log!

My location is situated in the north of The Netherlands in the province called ‘Drenthe‘. Down below you can see the overview of some.  Note that all these contacts have been established using only authentic World War 2 radio equipment. You can click on the red markers to see more info about the worked amateur radio stations.

Recently I moved from that location to another one, but only 15 km north to it. So the distances made did not have any influence at the results.


  1. Hello,
    Very nice webpages you have made. I have several of the same radios and equipment you have including
    WS-19 MK3
    WS38 MK3
    and some more.
    I am located in Canada and I am an amateur radio operator – VE3ZQW too.
    I hope to hear from you sometime.
    Matthew Batten

    • Hello Matthew,
      Thanks for your nice reply. Fine, you are also collecting these radio’s. I am doing it also, because as a radioamateur, after restoring them originally to make qso’s with other radio amateurs. Too because of the technolygi of it, especially radar and other navigation equipment. That last is very interesting.
      I also got an Canadian WS 19 mk3, all original and working. The WS no 19 was my first ham receiver, when starting as a shortwave amateur. Only I did many modifications in it, like a powersupply etc.. Now I know better, hi.
      73 Peter

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